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Cyber Capacity Building Program

As enterprise IT systems get fit to solve sophisticated tasks, their complexity inevitably grows. But with increased complexity comes reduced security. How can companies today choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier or product and avoid supply chain risks? What if your organization has limited resources for cybersecurity - but you have security regulations to comply with?
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Igor Kumagin
Cybersecurity Expert
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Alexey Shchukarev
Senior Information Security Architect
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Anastasiya Kazakova
Senior Public Affairs Manager
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Roland Sako
Security Researcher
ICS CERT Vulnerability Research

Training objectives

Building capacity to identify, evaluate and estimate risks related to external applications in ICT infrastructure.
Managing identified risks and assessing the integrity and security of external applications.
Forming a list of requirements for external applications to minimize cybersecurity risks related to them.
Developing an understanding of industry best practices for building a secure ICT ecosystem with regard to external applications.


Basic understanding of information security and secure software development lifecycles.
Basic knowledge of C/C++, JS, PHP, Python.
Minor programming experience.
Experience in threat modelling will be an advantage.

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