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Full course.
Hunt APTs with Yara like a GReAT Ninja

Our specialists have poured years of experience from the prominent cases they have worked on into our online Threat Hunting with Yara training. Course leader Costin Raiu, a 25 year veteran of the threat hunting industry, will teach you the unconventional ways of working with Yara so that you can find threats of the same magnitude as his team.
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Costin Raiu
Director of GReAT

Training objectives

Write cleaner, more efficient, Yara rules.
Utilize tips & tricks to create fast and efficient rules.
Use Yara generators to save time and effort when writing codes.
Test Yara rules for false positives that could skew your results.
Hunt new undetected samples in your infrastructure and cloud platforms.
 Use external modules within Yara for even more efficient hunting.
Discover secrets of anomaly search.
Test your new skills on real life cases like BlueTraveller and DiplomaticDuck.

Help & support

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